Making Sense of Equality in Ruby

When I discovered programming, I was bamboozled by the incredible amout of times you type the = key. Among other things, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why on earth was I supposed to use == instead of the more ‘natural’ = to express equality?

Turns out, it’s actually possible to make sense of this = madness! Here’s a cheat sheet to gain a better understanding of equality and the equal sign = in Ruby.

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How I Prepared for Launch School's 109 Written Assessment

I recently took Launch School’s first written exam (RB 109), that comes at the end of the first course, RB 101, Programming Foundations.

This course is especially challenging because it forces us to simultaneously:

  • learn to learn again,
  • learn Ruby syntax,
  • learn problem solving.

I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my study methods and the time it took me to get there.

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