My First Weeks as a Software Engineer

After a year of solitary learning, I’ve finally started my first software engineering job. I’m excited, exhausted and extremely grateful for the path that led me here.

I loved to read career switching stories so I thought I’d give a shot at writing my own.

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Using Metaprogramming to Pass an Argument to a Rails Module

Refactoring is my favorite hobby. Nothing feels quite as satisfying than extracting some common methods to an elegantly named module.

Quickly though, I usually run into trouble - how exactly am I supposed to pass an argument to a module in Ruby? The answer is: through some metaprogramming! (such a scary word)

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Introducing Deep Sea Adventure's Scoring App

This website is a scoring tool dedicated to the board game Deep Sea Adventure edited by Oink Games.

Its goal is to provide players a reliable way to compute the oxygen decrease during a round. It’s meant to be used side by side with the board game, either on a mobile or computer.

After 6 months of learning, this project is my first big, entirely personal project, and I’m very proud of it.

Visit the website See on Github
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