About Me

Hello internet 👋

A few words about me

I’m a 25 year old aspiring web programmer. My name is Juliette Sinibardy, or Juliette Siny for short. I’m very fond of my final y so please don’t leave it out.

Apart from my y, I like: photography, desserts and my cat.

Isn’t 25 a bit old to learn programming?

First, this side comment is a tad ageist, and second… Maybe? But then: who cares? There will always be a genius 12 year old somewhere to make me question my inner worth.

If you’re a late bloomer, what have you done before?

Before my first “Hello World” website, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics and worked for 4 years in a French startup called Selectra (more on my work experience).

I entered as the intern of a 200 people startup and left as the General manager of a 1000 employee company. It was an humbling experience, but I’m glad to be able to build stuff with my own hands now.

Are you learning programming by yourself?

Not really! After browsing through free programming courses, I found Launch School and enrolled in their program. This is a self-paced online school, so I’m somewhat learning by myself, but through a logically ordered course.

I am currently working on the Ruby courses (after quite some thought as the current trendy language is JavaScript) and enjoying my life on the plateau.

Cool, and what will you post here?

In my blog, you’ll find articles about my daily struggles, how-to guides and my portfolio of creations.

Even though I’m a native French speaker (currently living in France), most (if not all) of my articles will be written in English, as English is the lingua franca of the tech world.

Happy browsing! 🙌