How does the Internet work?

Being born in the 90s, I’ve lived most of my life in a post-Internet world. I do remember the sweet sound of 56 kb/s modem, but most of my browsing time has been after the dial-up era.

Internet, for my generation, is just an inherent part of life. It’s kind of hard to imagine what it was like before (did people actually read books?), and we never pause to think:

Wait, how does the Internet even work?

So that’s exactly the subject of this post. Buckle up your seatbelt, we’re going deep into networking!

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What's up with the & (ampersand) in Ruby closures?

Quite surprisingly, the following Ruby program is correct:

def first_method(&block)

def second_method(block)

def third_method(&block)

first_method { puts "hello!" }
# "hello!"

You might therefore notice that the & (ampersand) pops up and disappears pretty randomly in the above program. As it’s pretty hard to wrap one’s head around all this & madness, let’s dive into this!

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How I Prepared for Launch School's 109 Oral Assessment

A couple of weeks ago, I took Launch School’s first oral exam (RB 109). Since I’m now somewhat stuck on the next lesson, I thought it’d be best to reflect on the road taken thus far.

You’ll find here my time logs and general advice regarding this Launch School exam.

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